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Gun Fitting

The Comprehensive Gun-fitting Process

Proper gun fit is one of the most important variables in consistent shotgun shooting and is the foundation from which all other fundamentals are built.  A properly fit shogun should come to your face and shoot where you are looking as instinctively as you would point your finger at a distant object or move your hands to catch a ball that is thrown at you.  A shotgun that does not fit will require the shooter to consciously “align” his or her eye with the rib or bead…a very non-instinctive process, usually resulting in a miss! 

Unfortunately, most mass-produced shotguns are built to fit the “average person”.  In reality, most people are far from average in at least one physical trait important to gun fit (height, arm length, facial features, etc.).  The good news is most mass-produced shotguns can also be modified to fit reasonably well with some minor adjustments and/or inexpensive gun-smithing.

The best way to achieve proper gun-fit is through a comprehensive gun-fitting process.  The comprehensive gun fitting process at Double A Shooting Instruction is composed of the following steps:

1)  Form and mount evaluation

2)  Dry-fitting to adjust length of pull, drop, cast, etc.

3)  Live-fire fitting at the pattern plate

4)  Final fit validation on a variety of target presentations

The comprehensive gun fitting process includes live-fire fitting at the pattern plate to ensure
your gun is shooting where look and to optimize the fit for the gun's intended purpose.

Gun-fitting often takes two or more meetings between student and instructor.  The first meeting is to discuss specific needs of the client so the instructor understands what the shotgun will be used for.  Ben will also discuss the importance of proper gun fit, how form and fit are inter-related, and other variables of gun fit.  In addition, the student’s form and gun mount are evaluated, and initial fit adjustments are made via dry fitting.   If form or mount changes are made, or if additional mounting practice is needed, the student is often (but not always) given a week or two to practice their gun-mounting technique before steps 3 and 4 are conducted.  Since the ultimate goal of proper gun fit is to make the shot go to the target, the final step is to shoot the gun at targets that are representative of the situations the gun will be used in.

The end result is a gun that instinctively shoots where you are looking (at the bird or target), and a huge boost of confidence knowing you have equipment that works!  In addition, you will understand the importance of gun fit, how gun fit relates to the rest of the shooting process, and can apply what you have learned to other shotguns you own or may later acquire.

Please contact Ben Berka for more information or to schedule a comprehensive gun-fitting session.