NSCA Instructor Certification

NSCA Level I Sporting Clays Instructors are required to take a 3-day course comprised of 25% classroom and 75% hands-on shooting and teaching exercises.  NSCA certified instructors are qualified to teach the art of shooting to beginner and novice shooters using orthodox NSCA shooting methods.  Certified instructors have successfully demonstrated skills in the following areas:  Safety Procedures, Gun Mount, Target Selection, Shooting Methods, Stance, Instructional Techniques, Interpersonal Skills, Personal Presentation, General Shotgun Knowledge, and Shooting Ability.  All certified NSCA Level I instructors have also successfully passed a written exam on shooting knowledge and NSCA rules.

NSCA Level II Sporting Clays Instructors are required to take an intense 3-day course comprised of presentations, shooting and hands-on teaching.  Prior to taking the course, each candidate must have been a Level I instructor for at least 2 years and have at least 400 hours of sporting clays teaching experience at Level I.  Level II instructors must have demonstrated proficiency teaching all of the fundamentals learned at Level I and apply them to the intermediate shooter.

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