NSSA Instructor Certification

NSSA Level I Skeet Instructors are required to take a two-day course conducted by the NSSA Chief Instructor or the Zone Chief Instructor.  Level I certifies an instructor as a basic skeet instructor. The Level I skeet instructor is capable of giving solid skeet skills to beginning and relatively new shooters, including safety and standardized techniques as indorsed by the NSSA. Candidates for Level 1 Certification should have achieved C Level Classification in at least one gun and passed a written exam on teaching NSSA approved skeet fundamentals.

NSSA Level II Skeet Instructors are required to teach at least 100 hours of certifiable paid instruction at Level 1. Certification at this level requires also a two-day Level II Instructor's course, held at the NSSA Headquarters site and conducted by the NSSA Chief Instructor.  The Level II instructor is qualified to coach intermediate and advanced skeet shooters to improve their fundamentals of skeet and performance in competitive skeet shooting.

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