Frequently Asked Questions

How much do shooting lessons cost?

Individual and small-group (up to 3 students) private shooting lessons are offered by appointment in Ames, IA at the current rate of $80/hour. The cost of targets and ammunition are the responsibility of the student. Rates for group instruction or classes vary. Please contact me to inquire.

Payment for lessons is expected at the conclusion of the lesson and can be made via cash, check or PayPal. Specialized courses may require pre-registration and pre-payment.

Where are lessons taught?

Most private lessons in central Iowa are taught at the Ames Izaak Walton League in Ames, IA. Ben regularly travels to other facilities for group classes that are typically organized by a local club member.

Do you teach outside of central Iowa?

Yes, instruction is conducted across the United States! Classes away from central Iowa require a point of contact at the local club to manage the details of range / classroom availability, meals if necessary, etc. Travel costs are typically the responsibility of the student(s) or sponsor.

How long is a typical lesson?

For individual and small group instruction, a typical lesson lasts about two hours with most of the time spent on the range. Large group and more specialized training vary from 1/2 to 3 days.

How many lessons will I need?

This depends primarily on your goals and reasons for taking lessons. Introductory instruction on basic safety and shotgun fundamentals can be covered in one session. Long-term improvement typically requires more commitment and takes on a longer-term coaching relationship.

What should I bring to a lesson?

At minimum you should bring your shotgun, at least 4 boxes of light target ammunition (shot sizes 7.5, 8 or 9), choke tubes, eye and ear protection and appropriate outerwear.

Materials lists for more specialized training will be provided.

Do you teach lessons in inclement weather?

While nice weather always makes for a nicer experience, mother nature sometimes has other plans! For individual and small group lessons, there is usually flexibility to reschedule. For more specialized or larger group training this is not always possible.

Always bring necessary clothes, gloves, and raingear.
Rain and cold temperatures/wind chills are the most common reasons for rescheduling. As a general practice lessons are usually scheduled when temperatures/wind chill will be above freezing.

How do I schedule a lesson?

Individual and small group lessons are scheduled by appointment at a mutually convenient time. Please contact me to get a lesson scheduled.

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